Seabird Financial is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor serving the needs of high net worth investors, friends and family. Our partner/clients form a select group who embrace our common-sense approach and commitment to the value-style of investing most often associated with Warren Buffett and his business partner, Charlie Munger.


The key tenets of our investment philosophy and process are straightforward:



Focused Research. It is our belief that successful investing begins with a commitment to a thorough understanding of the individual securities meeting our ownership criteria, and the intellectual honesty to know the boundaries of our own circle of competence. We know what we know, but more importantly, we accept what we don’t know.


Patience and Decisiveness. We recognize that successful investing is equal parts knowledge and temperament. We wait patiently for attractive investment opportunities, and when they present themselves, we act with conviction.


Long-term Focus. Short term market gains are often fleeting. Our goal is to participate in the long-term fortunes of the businesses and assets we own, and compound wealth over long-periods of time.


While owning a portfolio of over-diversified mutual and index funds is a reasonable investment strategy for many, our clients take a more entrepreneurial approach to investing in public markets. We encourage likeminded investors to contact us for more information.